Life Goals Brain Dump

I like to set goals, visionary ones, when I’m feeling bad. It helps reset my direction and assert my purpose in this life. I started a life goals brain dump on one of my blank pages in my bullet journal this year. It comes right near the beginning of my notebook, helping to set a purpose for my journal.

Every day, week and month, I have a space for making notes and setting goals. (On my daily spreads it’s literally a box titled “Brain Dump”.) At the end of every week I write down everything I accomplished. It’s a nice way to reflect on the changes and progress that I’ve made over a period of time.

Since it’s been about a month since I brain dumped all my aspirations, goals, and visions, I thought I’d use my blog here to press the imaginary refresh button and record any big or small changes in what I want my life to be.

I don’t have a time limit on any of these yet. Rather I’m still in the phase of putting ideas on the table, spending time sifting through them in order to see what patterns or themes emerge. Hopefully after a year, I’ll develop a more organized system for goal setting. As with all big projects, it has to start with an initial brainstorm.

Here are my current visionary life goals, big and small:

  • be an actress
  • be on TV
  • be in the media
  • be famous
  • be popular
  • be a humanitarian
  • be an activist
  • coordinate a campaign for women
  • advocate for girls’ education
  • advocate for women’s health
  • advocate for women’s rights
  • live simply
  • travel often
  • spend time to make home feel homey
  • create comfortable spaces for others
  • be a writer
  • write articles on various topics
  • be a visual artist
  • paint
  • make handmade cards
  • write letters
  • write love letters
  • be a lover
  • feel deserving of love
  • feel deserving of God’s unconditional love
  • be practical
  • be strategic
  • fine tune my ability to analyze problems and create solutions
  • be able to sit with feelings of all kinds
  • be compassionate to all sentient beings
  • feel like I am adequate/enough
  • be a minimalist
  • create a capsule wardrobe
  • love my colleagues
  • love my friends
  • love my family
  • love strangers
  • do a podcast
  • blog regularly
  • make music
  • expand without feeling overworked or stretched thin
  • set healthy boundaries
  • get married when I’m ready for it
  • go to therapy often
  • have children with the partner of my dreams
  • raise healthy children to be healthy adults
  • let go of the past
  • live in the present
  • welcome the future
  • be unafraid of change
  • dream big
  • be happy: stable, present, and engaged
  • learn from others
  • learn from life experience
  • unlearn what I learned in school
  • be vulnerable
  • make donations to charity (money, time, energy)
  • be an entrepreneur
  • keep listening to music
  • run a 10k this year
  • run a half marathon this year
  • heal from injury
  • make sacrifices willingly
  • keep practicing meditation
  • keep practicing yoga
  • cherish my body
  • cherish my belongings
  • thank God
  • be myself
  • be ridiculous
  • be friendly
  • learn new words and use them correctly
  • brush my teeth more often
  • floss more often
  • eat mostly vegan
  • laugh easily
  • make new friends and keep the old

This is about 80 visionary goals, the same amount that I wrote down in my journal at the beginning of January. My plan is to complete this task monthly, or every couple of months until the year is over. Some of these goals are the same, but many are different, or at least are phrased differently. After typing all these up I can print, cut out and categorize them into different areas of my life, similar to level 10 life.

For now I like to keep my goals big and visionary until I can break them down into more concrete definitions, steps, or tasks. In this way, I will be able to tell which goals are really true to me and which are just entertaining me.


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