Freewrite #3

I want to explore the use of goal setting and writing my own positive affirmations to get what I want out of life. I also want to help this blog evolve and create patterns in my posts so that readers can know what to expect and what they can look forward to. Here are some examples:

“My blog is the engine of my day. Each day, I feel inspired to write and inspired and fulfilled by my post.”

“I create a level of predictability in my blog posting, so that readers know what to expect when they visit my blog.”

“I write on topics that are interesting and meaningful to me. I allow this space to be a creative platform, even while sharing my heart with others.”

“I let this platform help channel my creative genius and manifest my desire to be a writer. Every time I put in the effort to create a post, I become closer to living out my dream.”

“Organization on my blog enhances the readability of my blog. Readers easily find what they are looking for on my website and make connections with the topics and stories in my posts.”

I feel like five is a good number to start with. I learned one technique of combining affirmations with meditation. So, for example, I write down one affirmation on a slip of paper. I read it before I go to bed, and place it under my pillow when I sleep. I read it to myself again in the morning, reminding myself of what I set out to do even as I go about my day. This is a technique from Miranda Kerr’s book, Treasure Yourself: Power Thoughts for My Generation.


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